Monday, July 18, 2011

Provoke me

In fashion they use everything to attract our attention: humour, comparison, moral and emotions. Provocation was one of the strongest weapons to get one's attention. Whether you are looking at pages of magazine or surfing the Internet these ads catch your eye.  

Sisley was always rather provocative itself...But don't you think  sometimes it's too much?

 Does it show the dark side of fashion by warning us? or does it attract new followers making it fashionable? does it make "being bad" fashionable?

But when you are talking about provocation Tom Ford is 1st, but his provocation differs in many ways. 
With Gucci  it doesnt show a lot, but live you with a thought that you saw a lot.

With his collection Tom Ford was always more opened.....  but so seductive and stylish at the same time. Tom Ford admires a women what makes it sexy on the edge..

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