Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Closing Show: Amsterdam Fashion Week

On Sunday it was the closing show of the Amsterdam Fashion Week. We were invited to the......

As I see it, it was the best show of the week, mainly because it was actually THE show. The music fit the atmosphere and the eyewear was in a nice combination with the total look. It was more about high fashion than in previous shows.

 So let's have a look at some guests firstly....

 Ralph Vaessen makes exclusive eyewear out of horn, snake, carbon

 Lize Sips (actress) and Morris (Socialite)

 Jort Kelder and his new girlfriend Lauren Verster got interviewed

Fiat's inheritage Lapo Elkann  (the owner of  Italia Independent)

and then the show began...

guys looked tanned and very artistic :)


lovebirds are enjoying the show...  

 Cees Prins (the owner of IL PRINCIPE) and his role model Lapo Elkann (Italia Independent)

Joёl Davans (project manager at Bastiaan van Schaik) with Lapo Elkaan (Italia Independent)

the backstage

Lapo catched interviewed but didn't give up smoking

Great show, nice afterpaty!


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