Saturday, July 16, 2011

All Star turned INDIGO

Yesterday I was lucky to be invited to the Presentation of the the launch of the Indigo Chuck Taylor All Star.  

The party was devoted to the launch of the All Star sneakers. The sneakers were designed by Chuck Taylor and  Tenue de Nimes. 

One of the owners of the shop Rene Strolenberg

The concept of the shop is Denim. So by looking around you can find hilarious ideas. These guys turned everything into denim, I would say Rock Denim.

from jeans for 9 month babies..... jeans for big boys :)

Do you wanna know why did they call the shop Tenue de Nimes? 

First of all Tenue de Nimes refers to a fabric by the name of Serge de Nimes, which is according to the myth, the starting point of denim as we know it these days. You can probably see how the word ‘denim’ derives from ‘de Nimes’. The combination Tenue de Nimes stands for: Outfit of denim, or outfit combined with denim. And if you would go deeper: outfit from Nimes, the French city where the 17th century fabric called ‘Serge de Nimes’ originates from. 

Well nevertheless It was a party, so I would also add, nice sushi, guys! :) 

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