Friday, July 15, 2011

Is fashion an art and is art fashionable?

Being away from my mother-country got me concentrated on European magazine market, so the cover of the VOGUE Russia for June attracted my attention only now.

The main idea of this issue was to combine the art and fashion. VOGUE invited Daria Zhukova (the owner of the fashionable gallery in Moscow and wife of Abramovich) torealize her vision of this union. But what attracted me mostly was the cover of VOGUE.

Just look at it....

This is when you see the art in fashion. The painter who made this cover so amazingly profound is Francesco Vezzoli.

He performed the model Paulina Porizkova as Rennaissance Madonna with "golden tears" of Salvador Dali. Moreover VOGUE's cover was already  the object of Joan Miro's and Picasso's works.

As to me this cover of VOGUE truly reflected the modern perception of fashion. 

The beauty, the so called virginity,  from the outside which doesnt reflect the real you, what results into tears. Another thought can be about the golden tears and its abbreviation.  

Is it about sacrificing?  

Or do the tears make us equal? 

we wouldnt know what Francesco wanted to tell us but still I couldnt stay neutral to this cover.

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