Thursday, July 28, 2011

Draw BACKS, teeth, lips and even chest!!..

They say that the century of great artist passed away and that '20s were "the golden ages" and that there is nothing more to invent now. These artists can prove you that there is a lot to invent and to bring in art. But is it art?

Xiang Chen, Stephen Murmer, Di Peel, Christopher Kuster and Natalie Irish are the ones who make modern world of art different. They are drawing  by  using their eyes, bottom,  chest, teeth, lips!..

Are you surprised? well let's look up these chef d'oeuvres....

Xiang Chen

Drawing by eyes

Xiang Chen is from the Hunan province of China. Xiang Chen attaches a giant paintbrush as big as 4.4 pounds to his eye by inserting the flat metal end under his eye lids. He drags the brush with his eye to paint calligraphy paintings. 
Wouldn’t this hurt? According to Weird Asian News, Xiang Chen feels  no pain. He discovered his eye for painting when he was 16 as he returned home one day from his construction job. His eyes were full of sand, yet he didn’t even notice (it’s any wonder how he could see). He claims he didn’t feel any discomfort or pain. In fact, he kinda liked it. He started poking his own eyes out with a stick. It felt good and relaxing to him. So he decided to leave the stick in his eye. 

Also you can find the further information about Xiang technique in youtube

Stephen Murmer


well, it looks nice, isn't it?  But now, look at the way of his performance

The average price of this piece of art is $900. Would you buy it? 

Di Peel


Di Peel is an artist from Australia who decided to use her curves in an extraordinary way. An average price of her paintings is  $80.

Christopher Kuster


American Artist Christopher J Kuster was injured in 1992 in a shallow water diving accident. Christopher 
has learnt to express his life in his original artwork. he paints by teeth using his mouth to hold his paintbrush.

Natalie Irish


Natalie Irish is painting using her lipstick by kissing the canvas thousands times. The story of her inspiration you can see on youtube

An interesting fact is that she spends 5 lipsticks and 3 hours per one painting (on average). Previously she was also using the technique of drawing with her thumb. 

All of these artist are extraordinary although their intentions and motives differ. Ones want to get popularity in YouTube, others to get over depression and to find himself in this world (or in the world of art). Regarding our past,  very often  it is hard to appreciate the artist and his way of expression, but do you think some of these artists can pretend to be Picasso of our century? 


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